About Us


Boss Lady Collective is a chic, stylish clothing brand that adds a modern twist to the traditional workplace apparel for women to wear both in and outside of the office environment. In the past, we constantly found ourselves forced to choose between style and professionalism.

We had outfits that were great for a fun, social event or a romantic date night, but not something you could wear in a professional workplace environment. Or outfits that were perfect for the workplace but you would have to go home and change out of if you had any plans that evening. Definitely a giant headache especially if you live far from the city.

We always thought that this was a struggle only we faced. To our surprise, we found that many other ambitious young women also face this sort of trade-off when figuring out what to wear. We went to our drawing board and started to brainstorm ideas on how we can go about solving this unique trade-off. This led to the birth of the Boss Lady Collective brand. 


Boss Lady Collective is founded by two young ladies who are on a mission to elevate young women to achieve and succeed in their professional careers. This is why our brand philosophy is to create memorable first impressions by putting your best image forward.

Whether you are still in school, entering the workforce for the first time, or are early into your career as a young professional, we want to help you feel confident in expressing your chic, professional and unique self.

Most importantly, we want you to feel comfortable presenting the “real” you and be empowered to bring your A-game to your day-to-day outfits, translating over to your daily tasks.


At Boss Lady Collective, our intention isn’t to become just another e-commerce store. Instead, we strive to become a brand that cultivates a supportive community of "boss ladies" and provide value to ambitious young women who are growing in their professional roles. By purchasing from our store, you are not just making a transaction, you are entering a community of female leaders.

We built this brand because we want everyone who wears a piece of Boss Lady Collective to feel that they are embodying the attributes of their ideal professional self.

Next time you head into that networking event, work presentation, or client meeting - we want you to have that “Boss Lady" confidence shine through!

If you read up to here … we just want to say thank you! We hope our brand resonates with you.

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Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions, comments or would simply like to chat. We always love to hear from our Boss Ladies! 😉

Annie & Sav