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Created for the Young Women Who are Tired of "Being" Someone Else

Boss Lady Collective began with the foundation of empowering women to be their true, authentic selves

When we enter a new setting whether that be starting college, university or a new job, we compare ourselves to those around us. We feel a sense of needing to fit in or belong, so we adapt. We change the way we dress; change the way we look and even go as far as to change the way we talk. All in order to fit in. Trust us – we know first-hand what it feels like to change yourself to feel a sense of belonging. This is especially common in the workplace where there is major masculine influence. But with all these changes that we do ... we end up losing ourselves. That is not what we want.

Our Commitments to You

We are here to help you achieve success in the way that you define it. Showcase who you are through the way that you dress – be creative, fun and playful! Your workwear no longer needs to be dull and boring. From today onwards, re-assert your feminine self by dressing in a way that makes you feel confident, comfortable and authentic.

At Boss Lady Collective our mission is to empower young women to become future female leaders. We do this by focusing on two areas: 

1. Empowering you to dress for success.

2. Providing you with learning opportunities to build your skillset.

Our Promises to You

We promise to showcase our authentic selves. Through transparency about our manufacturing process, genuine connection to our business partners and quality assurance on our products, you can put your trust in us.

We promise to grow a connection with you. We are here to serve you, and that includes understanding your needs and fulfilling them in a meaningful way. Become a part of our community today and allow us to support you in achieving your personal and professional goals.

We promise to focus on supporting our community. Through offering tailored programming, organizing educational workshops and industry panels, and providing you with various valuable learning opportunities, we are committed to your betterment in the ways that you want to grow.

Our Transition to Slow Fashion

Did you know that the fashion industry produces 10% of the world's emission? Or that it takes 80 years for your clothes to break down in the landfills? Or that 90% of individuals working in sweatshops are women?

Well ... we didn't know nor realize until we entered the industry and became aware of what fast fashion is and how harmful it can be to our environment.

Which is why, beyond empowering young women, we also want to actively take part in supporting the slow fashion movement by transitioning into a slow fashion workwear brand, while also educating our #bossladies on the value of conscious-friendly consumption.

Currently, we are still in the process of this transitional period, but are almost there. We have confirmed our local, ethical manufacturer, and our environmental-friendly fabric. All that's left is finalizing our signature, sustainable workwear pants' design and preparing for our crowdfunding campaign. Stay tuned for more details!