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Year in Review: 5 Learnings from 2020

Taking our own advice here, how can we truly move forward if we do not take the time to reflect on our journey. 2020 was full of bumps but at the end of it all, we are left standing and incredibly motivated to succeed. In this post, we decided to share with you what we have learned this past year, how we are applying these learnings moving forward and actionable tips that you can take with you into the new year. 

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

While we do our best to avoid making mistakes, sometimes in life it happens 🤷  Each mistake is a part of the journey and is meant to teach an important lesson. This year we made quite a few mistakes but each one of those mistakes resulted in learning. Each step we took that learning to apply to our future decision-making process. One of our latest mistakes has been committing to too many activities that result in spreading ourselves too thin. We learned through experience, the hard way, to take on activities with intention. Going into the new year, we have simplified our processes, toned down our projects, and made time to ensure that what needs to be done gets done. 

Protip #1: Prioritize your time, you have a limited amount so use it WISELY.  

The Love of Learning 

In 2020 Boss Lady Collective hosted its first workshop back in June of 2020 when we saw our peers losing jobs or entering a slow job market after graduation. We identified a need for students to learn how to be competitive in the job market and shared impactful tips for students to use. Through hosting this workshop we learned how valuable workshops are for our community to attend. This set us off to continue hosting monthly workshops for the remainder of the year. Through experiential learning, we found a passion for designing workshops that create impact. 

Protip #2: Use a CURIOUS approach to finding your passion.

Be Genuine, Be You

Many times we make the mistake of thinking that in order to be perceived a certain way you have to change who you are. But this is far from the truth your true community will engage with, feel connected to, and trust your authenticity. Being vulnerable and sharing your real experiences drive the most impactful conversations. Through creating content for Boss Lady Collective, we saw the impacts of this when we posted about our story, our community was much more responsive than when we were aimlessly posting. Post with intention. 

Protip #3: When creating an online community showcase your AUTHENTIC self. (Do not hide behind a mask; people see through it)

Ask for Help When You Need It

This year we made the decision to take a training program on how to build a sustainable clothing brand to give ourselves the gift of clarity. As a novice to the fashion industry, this Conscious Label Launcher (CLL) helped us learn about fabric types, what certifications to look for when partnering and effective strategies for launching our brand. Where before we were running around like headless chicken; now we have a proven strategy for success and a plan to get ourselves there. After completing the CLL program, we are enjoying each part of preparing for our upcoming launch (March 2021, just in case you wanted to mark it down in your calendar😉). 

Protip #4: Invest in yourself, your learning, and progress with the help of experts.

Be Intentional with Your Impact

Your actions have consequences and we each get to decide if they are positive or negative. Through asking ourselves questions of what kind of impact would do we want to have, we found ourselves rethinking our entire business model. Through learning the harmful impacts of the fashion industry, we decided to join the movement towards a better tomorrow. Going forward our products are ethically produced using environmentally friendly materials. 

Protip #5: Be aware of your impact. Is it what you want your lasting impression to be?

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Sending you love, joy, and positive vibes 💖

Annie & Sav

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