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#WCW Sarah Jessica Taylor: Overcoming Personal Struggles through Exercise

Hi Boss Ladies, 

This week on our #WomenCrushWednesday #BossLadies series we have a treat for you. We are highlighting an ambitious, energetic and positive member of the Boss Lady Collective community, Sarah Jessica Taylor. Sarah is a wellness coach, personal trainer and freelance writer. Through her journey she has grown her instagram with a focus on her personal training business, kicked off her personal coaching business focusing on holistic wellbeing, WONday wellness, and also finds the time to do freelance writing. We are excited to share with you her insights on health, wellbeing and establishing healthy habits.

Q1: Can you start off by sharing your story with us? Please explain a bit about what got you to where you are today. How did fitness become such a huge area in your life? What does fitness give you?

Sarah: Sure thing! I was into athletics my whole life but only embraced ‘exercise for fun’ after university. I was struggling with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and once I retired from my varsity rowing team, I felt I had no outlet for my erratic yet intense energy. I had studied psychology and had an inclination that exercise might help my condition so I very cautiously entered the gym and began to see improvements in my mental health, as well as physical health, sleep management, and energy levels. 

At first fitness was just a tool to help me heal, but soon I realized how the effects of fitness translated into improvement through so many other areas of my life that I wanted to share this gift with others. I paused my counselling services with which I had grown quite frustrated with because there is a common mismatch with expectations often; where clients are looking for a quick fix without understanding their own participation in the healing process. This led me to a deep dive into personal training where I worked as a private trainer specializing in fat loss transformations, corrective exercise, sports nutrition, and bikini bodybuilding. Although my clients were always very motivated to change, the common thread between them was a mental block that sabotaged their ultimate potential. 

This brought me full-circle to starting my current business WONday Wellness, which combines positive psychology, stress management, and sports psychology to help clients achieve mental clarity and freedom from the barriers that hold them stuck in the past. My mission is to redefine the boundaries for personal training and offer an integrated, holistic approach that empowers people to find their own way for lasting, exponential success

Q2: When you initially started your path in entrepreneurship, making the decision to work for yourself, what barriers did you face and how did you overcome them?

Sarah: The biggest obstacle I faced was fear! Not so much fear of failure but more so fear of imperfection. I am not a PhD or an expert by any means and I was afraid that what I thought I lacked would prevent me from helping others. The best way I dealt with this is to remind myself first that I have the experience to relate to my clients; and second I have dedicated myself to continuing higher education. There are so many amazing online courses and certifications so when I see an area where I can go deeper I jump on it! I still confront this fear regularly but I am much more confident because I know I always have the capacity to learn at any time and the goal is to collectively make progress alongside my clients.

Q3: You seem to have a lot on your plate; personal training, freelance writing and integrative health coaching, how do you balance your commitments?

Sarah: Time blocking: it has literally transformed my life! Every day is different and I try to commit days to a particular focus; one day for programming and training, one day for writing, etc. This way I can really immerse myself in the task at hand versus trying to task-switch mentally every few hours. Setting (and keeping) boundaries permits me to be more focused and productive, which affords me more time in the end. I use my calendar religiously and when I find myself with “spare time”, I really emphasize breathing techniques and meditation so I can maximize my brain’s efficiency 

Q4: From your social media, we learnt that you have a focus on learning, what habits have you developed that keep you committed to learning? How do you stay on track?

Sarah: Great question! I have a deep innate desire to learn. I think as soon as we think we know it all, or when we reach the ‘top’ we really stand a chance to fall stagnant and miss opportunities for growth. A healthy dose of humility is always found in striving a little bit further than your ability and it keeps me on my toes. I personally read non-fiction for 20 minutes a day and this is just something that I wove into my schedule. I turn off social media and all notifications at 8 PM then it’s “me time” with the books beside my bed, so it’s obvious. The secret to any good habit of course is to make it part of who you are, easy and rewarding.

Q5: What is your advice for ladies who are interested in starting their own business?

Sarah: Start by doing. For years I had all these ideas with no action because the execution details weren’t perfect. Honestly, in the beginning the only people paying attention will be your friends and family who will hopefully help you with constructive criticism through your necessary growing pains. Don’t be afraid of failing; be afraid of missed opportunities and experiences. Start before you are ready; so long as you are leading with integrity in your intentions, you’ll find people really clamor to support you.

Sarah’s advice about continuous growth is an eye opening thought. Overcoming obstacles is a part of the ongoing process. She showcases that there is no one problem that you have to overcome; it's important to create a mentality for continuously overcoming any problem may arise.

We would like to thank our family and friends that are helping provide us with constructive criticism to help shape Boss Lady Collective. Comment down below and share with us your journey or one useful tip you got from our post or how you feel after reading our blog. 

Until next time, stay fabulous! ❤️


Annie & Sav 

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