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#WCW Doctor Lili Liang: Problem Solving Your Way to Success

Hello Boss Ladies, 

Boss Lady Collective is thrilled to introduce you to Dr. Lili Liang! Dr. Lili is an accomplished #BossLady, who currently operates out of the two Durant Session locations in Vancouver, in the communities Mount Pleasant and Gastown. Our founder, Annie Lo, had the opportunity to sit down with her to learn more about her entrepreneurship journey, challenges she faced and tips for future female leaders!

After her schooling, Dr. Lili started off working out in 4 different offices as an associate. From those different settings Dr. Lili was able to gain an understanding of the environment, atmosphere and culture that she wanted to steer her career towards. 

Wandering around Gastown with a friend, Dr. Lili had a goal of visiting all the optical boutiques in Gastown. Upon entering Durant Sessions, she knew that this was the place that she was going to work. She approached the business armed with the knowledge that they did not have an optometrist on board and pitched herself. Dr Lili Liang used her entrepreneurial skills and landed herself a partnership that provided her with the potential to grow her own business, something that she had always known she would end up doing. When asked about entrepreneurship this is what Dr. Lili had to say 

“I knew that I wanted to work for myself. … I wanted to invest early so that I can reap the benefits earlier on. I want to put the time in for myself and not for other people.”

Throughout her journey, Dr. Lili has overcome challenges along the way. All partners of Durant Sessions value customer service and offer a unique service to their clients. Dr. Lili’s natural tendency to spend time with people to understand them helps her on a daily basis. Upon opening their second location, they are continuing to incorporate learning along their path. By speaking to Dr. Lili, we learned how courageous she was about trying out new things that she had not done before. Keen intuition to learn new things as she goes; need to know everything at the beginning but ability to learn along the way. Through having her own business, Dr. Lili has learned to wear multiple hats from marketing to event planning. Dr. Lili steps into the role required of her and ensures she always deliver her best. 

Dr. Lili views her social media as an opportunity for her patients to get to know her on a more personal level. She showcases her professional insights, health tips and her personality! Becoming the doctor personality that we typically do not see in Canada, Dr. Lili engages with her audience in an authentic way. Without a formal business degree, Dr. Lili has definitely succeeded in mastering social media! She shared with us her natural tendency of learning along the way. Not knowing something is okay as long as you take the steps to learn when necessary.  

Tips: Remember self-care; take the time to do things that fill you that way you can put that energy into your work. In order to handle her multiple commitments, she uses prioritization and gives herself grace when needed. Something that we found very beneficial is Dr. Lili’s philosophy of prioritizing self-care. She puts time into herself so that she can have energy to spread to her work. Dr. Lili recommends finding what gives you true peace and joy, and making sure that you take the time for yourself to do just that. 

Some advice from Dr. Lili for you #BossLadies out there: 

“If you feel that it feels too crazy or too risky, then you are doing it right! It should feel uncomfortable. It should feel risky. And you know that that is why you should do it…. As women, we are told to play it safe; to not take risks. In our nature we tend to want to do safe things and that also means that we tend to not push ourselves. This means that we are also always reaching a little bit lower than your full potential, because you’re afraid. But if you feel it makes you feel uncomfortable you are actually doing it right!”

Our key takeaways from this conversation are: 

  1. To avoid burnout, take time out for yourself. Do things that fill you, so that you can share that energy with others ❤️⁠

  2. ⁠Embrace uncertainty. Not knowing is part of the journey; take that opportunity as an initiative to learn something new.
  3. Do the things that make you uncomfortable, they usually result in the most amount of growth.⁠

    We hope you enjoyed getting to know another Boss Lady this week. Please let us know if there is someone that you would like to read about on our upcoming blog posts!

    For more information on Dr. Lili Liang visit: 


    Optometry Website

    Durant Sessions

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