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How to Start a Sustainable Fashion Brand | Workshop Recap

Dreaming of starting a fashion brand? Perhaps you are in the process of starting a fashion brand but unsure of where to start or have already started and struggling with growth. We sat down with our sustainable fashion expert, Selina Ho and gained some incredible insights. Through personal experience and...

Year in Review: 5 Learnings from 2020

Have you made some mistakes in 2020? We have to admit, so have we. But we have decided that we are not going to make the same mistakes again and you can too. To prevent you from making the same mistakes we have, we have compiled a list of protips...

Navigate Your Job Search for Early Career Success as Internationals | Workshop Recap

We have partnered with EMPOWER and IdeaShack to provide you with this value-filled FREE workshop, with takeaways that you can immediately implement directly to your life to start successfully navigating your job search as an international student or early into your career. Both speakers have experience in navigating the job...

#WCW Genia Evelina: Accidental Career Discovery to Fashion Brand Owner

This interview features Genia Evelina De Marco, who is a slow fashion designer and Founder of Genia Evelina the Label. The path of becoming a fashion designer wasn't always in the books for Genia, instead her passion and love for fashion was something she discovered accidentally. Read on to learn how her interest...

How to Leverage LinkedIn & TikTok to Build Your Professional Brand | Workshop Recap

Are you interested in learning how to grow your personal brand to create your own opportunities? Boss Lady Collective has got you covered! We will be exploring the benefits of using LinkedIn and TikTok to build your network and will be hearing from social media experts, including Ishani and Matt,...

#WCW Tahlia Ifada: Gain Competence to Develop Confidence in Your Career and Life

This interview features Tahlia Ifada who is a VEAZEY scholarship recipient and fund manager in the UBC Sauder Portfolio Management Foundation (PMF) Program where she actively helps manage a $10 million portfolio to support the school. Tahlia hopes to build a meaningful business that promotes equality in the future.

#WCW Gazal Dhillon: If You Love What You Do, It's Worth The Risk

Gazal Dhillon is a UBC centennial scholarship recipient, Sauder Campus Ambassador Program Coordinator and proud Exchange Student Club Trip Organizer. Gazal found her passion for making social change through Marketing. She is currently a market research assistant in the Department of Medicine at UBC.

How to Slay Your Finances After You Graduate | Workshop Recap

Girl, we know the pain of opening up that credit card statement every month and not knowing what you’re going to get! That’s why we partnered with Parween Mander AKA The Wealthy Wolfe to empower you with financial priorities after grad, common money mistakes to avoid coming out of college, along with tips...

Top 7 Ways to Stand Out in an Interview

What sets you apart is what makes you great. Being memorable in a job interview and forming genuine connections is how you're going to secure that dream job or summer internship! We've narrowed it down to 7 ways to stand out in an interview.

How to Advance Your Career During COVID-19 | Workshop Recap

In our "Advance Your Career" workshop, we dived into topics including the job market, working a side hustle, and entrepreneurship. We are incredibly thankful to have so many attendees and are excited to continue to share our insights to foster continuous learning. During this time we find it important to...

How to Secure the “Dream” Job

We are excited to introduce our #BossHustle series where we cater our blog posts around the topics of entrepreneurship, creating a brand, job hunting and defining yourself. Stay tuned for valuable insights on these topics!