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Starting a Side Hustle 101 | Panel Recap

Hey Boss Lady, 

Last month, we put out a poll on our Instagram story asking our community about which type of event they are interested in attending next. The vote was between organizing an educational workshop or hosting an industry panel. While it was a rather close vote, the panel garnered an interest of 52%.

⁠Since we had previously received a topic request about starting a side hustle / passion project, we decided to kickstart our first panel around this same theme and invited 3 AMAZING #bossladies who are absolutely dominating within their specific niche 😍

Introducing Our Panelists:

Dina Lu, Founder of Dina Calligraphy

Dina Lu is a left-handed calligrapher, workshop instructor and business coach based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Currently, she is teaching calligraphy workshops virtually for corporate teams in Canada, while also coaching calligraphers around the world on how to start a calligraphy business. She graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2017 with a Bachelor of Commerce and regularly volunteers her time to mentoring young entrepreneurs through the Canadian charity League of Innovators, and high school girls through the YWCA.

Jessica Nguyen, Co-Founder of BAK'D

Jessica has recently graduated from Simon Fraser University (SFU) with a Honours BBA. Unfortunately, Jessica graduated into a pretty awful job market. The company where she had a job lined up went on a hiring freeze due to the pandemic and she was unable to find employment in her field. With this sadness and some other factors that were created because of COVID-19, she took it upon herself to apply the skills and theory she learned during her degree and pursued something she was always passionate about: food. This led to the birth and start of BAK'D!

Joanne Ly, Founder of Minima Basics

Joanne is an entrepreneur that built an online shop, just a little over a year ago, side hustling while being a full-time student with several part-time jobs. She met so many amazing, like-minded, smart and purpose-driven entrepreneurs that were willing to start something impactful but they all had one common pain point; not being able to work from home efficiently. This is what motivated Joanne to start Minima Basics with the intent to offer quality and minimalist essentials that girl bosses feel great about owning.

It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Bring Your Idea to Life!

If you attended our panel or watched the recording above, you probably realized that none of our panelists had the same reason or journey behind how they got started, and instead had a unique story and timeline of their own. If you have been itching to start something of your own or had been playing around with the idea of side hustling, we hope this panel inspires you to take action today!

What's Next?

Are you curious about how Boss Lady Collective got started or how the idea came to be? Check out the behind-the-scenes interview with our Founders. Also, if you are interested in starting your own venture (or have already started one) and are located within Canada, application to LOI LABs Batch 6 is currently open for submission. Our Founder, Annie, is actually an alumni of the program, and she is more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding it! 😄

With love,
Annie & Savneet

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