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5 Tips to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

Hello Beautiful Boss Ladies,

One of my favourite quotes is one that you have probably heard Annie say time and time again “If you can believe it, you can achieve it!” A tried and true belief. Once you believe that you are capable of achieving what you have set out to achieve that is when you truly begin to achieve.

Boss Lady Annie Smiling

We all have our naysayers, people that tell us to be safe, be careful, not take risks and go for the safer option. Sometimes that voice is the one inside our own heads about what we can and cannot accomplish. But ultimately we are the ones who decide how successful we are. We are accountable for our current circumstances, lives and relationships.

This is not to discredit the fact that people begin at different positions in life, and some of us do have more privilege than others. Which is why this is all the more reason to fight for your dreams.

We must learn to quiet our naysayers and listen to our positive, affirming and dreamer selves. But how can you do this, let's start off with a few tips below:

  1. Make a List of All of Your Accomplishments. For those of you that say you have none, I know that is not true. What moments in your life are you proud of? When did you accomplish a goal that you set for yourself? What have you done that others have not? Write everything that comes to your mind when you ask yourself these questions.

  2. Think About What Qualities You See in Your Future Self. Turn these qualities into “I am” statements - like "I am fierce". You may not currently possess the specific quality to the extent that you would like however by repeating this to yourself, you remind yourself of your goals. Do this weekly, daily, or hourly - whatever frequency you need.

  3. Change Your Environment. Affirm yourself daily by changing the content that your mind sees. Your mind is easily influenced by what you feed it, therefore feed it inspirational, motivational content. One trick that we use to do this is by filling our social media feed with what inspires us.

  4. Develop a Growth Mindset. Know that each mistake is a learning experience. Instead of being hard on yourself when you do not accomplish a goal, ask yourself what could you have done differently. Make note of what comes to your mind by writing them out and saved somewhere where it's easy for you to access and refer to when needed.

  5. You are Your Biggest Barrier to Success. With 100% accountability you acknowledge that you are responsible for the life that you have, no one else is to blame. If there is a situation that you do not like you can change it. You are destined for greatness so why hold yourself back?

Boss Ladies Smiling

You can do whatever you put your mind to. No matter what the situation, no matter what resources are available to you - YOU CAN DO IT! Sometimes you start off slow in life, sometimes you are not where you want to be but no matter what give it your all. Give 105% of yourself and you will build. There is no one to hold you back from accomplishing your goals other than yourself!

Need some help achieving your goals? Send us an email at, we would love to learn about you and see how we can help you!

Sending you motivation, support, and encouragement,
Annie & Sav 💜

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