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Navigate Your Job Search for Early Career Success as Internationals | Workshop Recap

Hi Boss Lady, 

Now you are in for an absolute treat this week! We had the opportunity to host a workshop focused on “Navigating your Job Search for Early Career Success” alongside two experienced knowledgeable and insightful boss ladies. Pat Chaisang, the founder of EMPOWER International Students and Product Manager at Telus gave us her inside scoop on cutting through the confusion in the job search and creating competitive advantages in your resume. Joining her is Fatima Omarzi, former Google employee and the current founder of IdeaShack, a project-based experience bringing the best of creativity to businesses and individuals seeking to accelerate their growth

Now we cannot share with you all the details, for that you will have to check out the details in the videos below, but we are sharing with you our most valuable takeaways for the event.

Preparing Your Resume & Demonstrating Your Competitive Advantage:

Pat’s presentation had us inspired to take a look at our outdated resume to ensure that it met the four resume pillars: formatting, accomplishment statements, personalization and applicant tracking system optimized. We learned researching a company only starts with the company website. Walking through the creation of a resume the most important part is to conduct research on the company, the role description and others in the company in the current description. Now what this tells us is what transferable skills we should be highlighting in our resume when applying for the job. To ensure that our resume stands out we should be turning out experiences into accomplishment statements using concrete examples whenever possible. 

Check out Pat’s example below:

“Organized and improved the archiving process of legal documents by creating a categorized database, which resulted in more immediate and faster access to the information sought.”


“Successfully increased workflow efficiency by 50% by introducing an innovative method in managing database of 1M+ legal documents, resulted in being awarded as an employee of the month.”

Do you see the difference, because we definitely do!

Redefining Networking to Create Your Opportunities

With such valuable tips from Pat, Fatima was no different. She taught us about the difference that creating a story and building genuine relationships can make in the job hunt. Now a bit of a caution sign here, networking is not a quick fix, it is a long term strategy to build meaningful relationships.

Fatima shared with us how she landed her job at Google without applying for the role. She recommended strategies including cold emails, LinkedIn connections and attending networking events (having done your research on the company and industry professionals attending 😉). Her tactical strategies include keeping track of the messages you send and the response you got back back. Is there a certain phrase in a cold email that enlists a better response? Through practical testing and analysis!

Did You Enjoy Our Workshop?

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Thank you for letting us be a part of your career journey!

With love,
Annie & Savneet

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