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Meet the Founders of Boss Lady Collective

Hello Boss Ladies, 

We are very excited to kick-off the new year with the first-ever blog post of Boss Lady Collective! What better way to start our blog series than introducing the lovely Founders behind the brand, Annie Lo and Savneet Sandhu. These ladies have come together with the same goal to create a clothing brand that helps and supports women to achieve their professional goals through putting their best image forward with a professional wardrobe. 

Now that we have set the tone, let’s dive right into the conversation with the two Founders!

Q1: Can you introduce yourself to our boss lady community, and share a bit about what got you interested or curious about entrepreneurship? 

Annie: Hi everyone reading this post - I am very happy to e-meet all of you via our first blog post! I would have to say my dad plays a big role in shaping my interest and curiosity for entrepreneurship. Ever since the young age of 7, my dad has always brought me to his company (whenever I visited him in Taiwan during summer break) and exposed me to the different levels of work - be it sitting in and listening in on some of his work meetings or using multiple opportunities that occur during the workday to educate me on how to actively solve problems that arise on the fly. 

Looking back at it now, my ability to solve problems as well as I do now, along with thinking 3-5 steps ahead, is all thanks to the environment my dad has provided for me when I was younger. In fact, he always reminded me that if I had an idea (no matter how small), I should always give it a shot and see where things go. So yeah, I really have to give credits to my dad for being the spark that lit my passion and flair for entrepreneurship. 

Savneet: Similar to Annie, I would have to say my curiosity for entrepreneurship stems from family. Currently, I work in my family business where I have seen the multiple hats that one is required to wear when deciding their own path. My father has grown to be a mentor to me over the years. Each day he shows me how much can be done when setting your intentions and persevering. Although I did not expect it, I find myself following in his footsteps of creating the life of my desires. Having studied business in school, as well as observing my father grow his own business, my passion for creating my own innovation began. I am excited to be on this journey and look forward to where Boss Lady Collective is headed in supporting women entrepreneurs! 

Q2: How did you ladies meet and what sparked the innovation of Boss Lady Collective? 

Annie: Fun fact, we actually met each other through a student-run organization called Young Women in Business SFU, whose mission is to build community for emerging female leaders and young professionals looking to create their own success. We worked together on a committee to develop a two-semester workshop series for the WISE Development Program, which WISE stands for “Women Investing in Skills and Experiences”. 

Savneet: Annie had been playing with the idea of starting a modern, clothing brand tailored toward the working women at the time, and I was also looking into starting an ecommerce business - so we decided why not create something together? Since we already understand each other’s work habits and enjoy how well our work synergies align, the idea of working together just fell into place. 

Annie: As for how the idea of Boss Lady Collective came to be - we, ourselves, wanted to step away from the usual blazers, blouse and dress pants/skirts and wear something more modern and stylish - but still appropriate for the workplace. Also, the idea of having to go home and change into something else when you have a night out is just plain troublesome. Especially if you live away from the downtown city life. Therefore, having a brand that curate workplace styles that fit both the professional setting and a fun, night out was what we wanted to create and achieve. But that’s not all, we also wanted to create a community of women who are supportive of one another - be it in terms of career or personal goals. This is the real end-goal and value we want to provide to the boss ladies of our community!

Q3: What advice would you give to other women looking to start their own side hustle?

Savneet: To anyone that is considering the world of entrepreneurship or starting a side hustle, we highly recommend starting first with creating healthy habits! An important note is that there will be problems, barriers and hurdles that you will have to get through when creating your own path. In order to get through them without getting stuck along the way, it is extremely helpful to have a positive mindset that is both resilient and think of problems as opportunities. 

Annie: Remember ladies, there is always a solution to every situation. You just have to shut down the external noises and open your mind wide enough to look! Sometimes an answer may even be glaring right in front of you, but you may not see it because your mind is clouded with negativity or self-judgement/fear. Therefore, learning to build healthy habits and mindset is your first goal to success!

Q4: What does “style” mean to you and why is it important to you?

Annie: As cliche as it sounds, I always thought of style as a way to express and say who you are without having to speak. It’s a reflection of your attitude and your personality. I have never been much of a fan of fashion trends, instead I really like pieces that are timeless, comfortable and in good quality. I enjoy being able to dress the way I like in the best representation of who I am. 

Savneet: I have always been the type of girl that focuses on the exterior wardrobe; pestering my parents to take me to the mall so that I can get the latest outfit. Over the years, when I had to bear the purchases of this expensive habit myself I learned to invest in timeless pieces that can be worn again rather than fast fashion. Being a shy child growing up, style was the way that I expressed myself without having to speak up, though the speaking up part has been learnt, the love of style has yet to fade. I believe in the philosophy of putting your best foot forward through memorable first impressions.

Q5: Out of all the outfits in the “Confidence” collection, which one is your favourite?

Savneet: Each dress brings about a unique personality when putting it on. I would have to say my favourite dress depends on the personality that I am feeling or the event that I am going to. For a more casual day I love wearing the Zìxìn 2-Piece Blouse and Pants combo! The Viśavāsa Ruffle Pencil Skirt can be worn up or down which is why I love this for one of those transition days from day to evening wear is required. Finally, for those days that I want to look extra special Aftopepoíthisi 2-Piece Blouse and Pencil Skirt is my go to outfit. The vibrant blouse compliments the white shirt so well and hugs my curves so well!

Annie: Hmm … that’s hard to say because I honestly really like all of them for different reasons. I like the shoulder slits of the Confiant Dress as it’s so elegant, the Etemad V-Neck Blouse because of its smooth and soft fabric texture … and so many more! Ugh. Give me a moment haha! I guess if I really need to pick one, it would probably be … Jasingnam Pencil Dress …? Though I have to be honest, it’s partially due to the winter weather right now. The Jasingnam dress is super thick and keeps me well-heated during the cold, winter nights. Oh! And there’s also hidden pockets as part of the dress so that’s another selling point for me haha!

Q6: Any final thoughts? 

Annie: As two ladies striving to become female bosses, we found that this niche is the one that best relate to us, especially since the problem we are trying to solve with our brand is also one that we often face in our career. 

Savneet: With the options that we have in our wardrobe, we are often forced to choose between style or professionalism. We build Boss Lady Collective on the notation that ladies can still be professional while showcasing their personality through their clothes.


Thank you for reading our first blog post. We hope you enjoyed the mini behind-the-scenes interview with our Boss Lady Collective Founders. Please leave your thoughts down below; we would love to hear what you think and answer any questions that you have. 

Until next time, stay fabulous! ❤️

Annie & Sav

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