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How to Leverage LinkedIn & TikTok to Build Your Professional Brand | Workshop Recap

Hey Boss Lady,

This month we sat down with our experts Matt Saba and Ishani Narwankar (virtually of course ) to get their insights on how they leveraged social media platforms (Tiktok and LinkedIn) to build their professional brand. Ishani Narwankar challenged herself to a 7 day consistency challenge through which she grew her connections from 100 to 500+ connections. Matt Saba used a 90 day consistency challenge to grow his TikTok following from 0 to 25K. Our experts sat down to share with us their insightful tips and tricks on how they grew their professional accounts and we have broken it down for you below.

Making the Most out of LinkedIn

Ishani is in pursuit of becoming an ultra learner through self-driven project-oriented learning. Throughout her journey, Ishani has found herself constantly testing new projects, ideas and approaches. Through being active on LinkedIn, commenting on other community members' posts and seeing her peers post, she gave herself the challenge of posting consistently for 7 days.

Now before you go ahead and get started on your 7 day challenge there are a few housekeeping aspects that we got to take care of first. In order to position yourself for success we need to ensure that our profile showcases a true representation of you. Ensuring that you have optimized your account information is an essential part of upgrading your LinkedIn profile.

One key takeaway that we got from Ishani’s presentation is to connect with people outside of your immediate circle. LinkedIn is a networking profile, the key term being networking. With this platform we have the advantage of being able to connect with people from all around the world. People with different perspectives, insights and lessons that we can learn from.

Growing on TikTok

Matt Saba took his TikTok channel from 0 to 25K followers in 90 days with consistency, perseverance and some of his amazing charm. He is a TikTok enthusiast, regular IKEA visitor, Pumpkin Pie devourer, and a serial failure! He throws things against the wall and sees what sticks! 
Matt Saba fails a lot more often than he wins, but always has fun trying! During the workshop, Matt breaks down the reason why TikTok is the platform you need to be on. TikTok pushes your content because of its exponential growth, which increases your chances of success much higher.

Our key takeaway from Matt’s presentation is the importance of consistency. By sticking to a regular posting schedule daily for 90 days, Matt gained massive amounts of followers positioning himself to be an expert in his domain - a.k.a. student housing. Each day of posting, his videos grew to better quality and he created more value for his audience. Not knowing what the content his audience wanted to see, he experimented with various content ideas and tested to see what performed best.

Try, Try and Try again

If at first you do not succeed, keep pushing forward and you will eventually make it. Consistency is the root and key to achieving success.

This is also a common theme which both our workshop speakers emphasized -, persistence and sharing their own experiences online consistently without fail. Our speakers taught us that our personal stories have value which others do want to hear. Now this is just an overview of the key learning that we took away, but there are a lot more insights in our workshop and just for you, we have uploaded the recording online. If you gained some value from this blogpost, there is a lot more value to be gained from watching the recording below!

With love,
Annie & Savneet

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