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How to Get Work Done from Home

Welcome back, Boss Lady! This week we are taking on an issue that many of you may be experiencing: getting productive work done from home. Because of the ongoing quarantine, learning to get work done from home has become an essential skill. But how do we prevent the lines of personal and work from getting blurred? 

This blog post does not only apply to those working from home, but this blog is also for those that would like to learn a new skill, have a goal that requires productivity, or just need to finish their last paper. We will take you through the steps of creating an environment that boosts productivity, time management, and work-life balance. 


Here are some tips that we have for you: 

Create a morning routine that works for you

Think of a daily ritual that you would do before getting into deep work, could it be having a glass of coffee, listening to music before commuting to work or morning gym? Whatever that task may be is it possible to weave it into your routine at home. Taking this time out for yourself in the morning will allow you to take charge of your day.

Get dressed

This tip may be a bit counterintuitive, I mean the point of working from home is the fact that you can work in your PJs right? No. Changing out of clothes that you sleep in triggers the brain to let it know that you are no longer in relaxed sleep mode. This will boost your productivity and prevent you from falling asleep amidst working on a task. One of our favourite outfits to work is our Zìxìn 2-Piece Blouse and Pants - comfortable yet stylish. 

Dedicate a space to working

 We know this can be hard given that we can live in small spaces sometimes with large families but this does not have to be a separate room, it can be a foldable table, something that tells your brain that it is time to work. Having a space dedicated to working creates an environment of productivity.

Create a list of priorities

 Have that mile-long to-do list that  never seems to get to - trust me we relate! It's time to prioritize. What tasks must you get accomplished today? Write them down and keep yourself accountable. 

Set boundaries with your pets, family & partners. 

Normally home is the place we go to unwind, relax and let go but now we are at home all the time. How can we let our brains know that home is now also the place where we get tasks accomplished? To start off let the people in your environment know when you are working what the expectations are. This may take some time as your house members may think that you being home means that it's like a snow day - it's important to let them know that this is not the case. Setting a time frame for yourself and others allows for a period of deep work. 

An evening routine

An evening routine is a method This is just as important as a morning routine. An evening routine signals to your brain that you are no longer at work - since you stay in the same environment this is essential to putting your mind to rest. This can consist of putting away your work materials, we love having a glass of tea to feel relaxed. 

Finally, make sure to take your breaks when you need them! Just because you are working from home does not mean that you have to get a crazy amount of work done. The time that you take to recharge is important in allowing you to reset. This is a great time to increase your productivity but also take time to fill your soul as you need to. Whether that be via walk, virtual call or another method. 

We hope these tips help you in creating an atmosphere to get work done. Share with any friends or family members who need these tips during this tough time!

Until next time, stay fabulous! ❤️


Annie & Sav

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