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How to Build Your Career with Intention

Hi Ladies,

Who is ready for some unsolicited career advice? 🙋

Have you ever felt stuck in your career? Perhaps you are uncertain of the next step (just starting especially early on in your career can seem like a daunting task)? Or maybe you know what the next step is however there is something holding you back? Could it be that your life is not progressing in the direction that you intend?

This past couple of months we hosted a 6-week Beta Career Accelerator Program. This program spoke to specific tips that walk you through 6 different modules to prepare you for a successful job search. Honestly, job searching can be one of the most stressful, difficult and, demanding processes but it does not have to be. With intention and a bit of help from BLC (only if you need it), you will land that role!

In this post, we are providing you with a high level of the topics that we go deeper into in our program.

To start off let’s rewire your mindset for success.

Job searching can be compared to dating – there’s that awkwardness, in the beginning, you are getting to know each other through what feels like a fire Q&A session, and at the end of the first date, you and your date decide if you want to go out again. You are expected to put yourself out there and share about yourself "get to know each other." Some relationships (jobs) work out others do not.

When putting yourself out there it’s important to build up your mental fortitude because you are FABULOUS 💜 (and don’t let anyone lead you to believe otherwise). One strategy that we talked about in our program is the way that we talk to ourselves. Have you ever noticed how we can be unkind to ourselves, think negative thoughts and be overly critical? This must stop because how are we to lift ourselves up when we are constantly thinking negatively.

EXERCISE: I want you to try an exercise, over the course of today any negative thoughts that you think observe and write them down on a piece of paper. At the end of the day, how many thoughts are on your piece of paper?

Now once you are done with this exercise let's focus on building your intentional career.

The importance of being intentional?

Alright, let’s break this concept down a bit before we go any further. What does it mean to be intentional? When searching up the definition of the word intentional on my favourite dictionary - Google - this is what comes up "done on purpose; deliberate" You may be thinking to yourself um I already do things in my life on purpose. But let's dig a bit deeper into this concept. How can you be intentional about crafting the life that you love?

The way that I do this is by thinking long-term. I ask myself what would I like to accomplish in my career in the next 10 years (you could use 20 years, 30 years or maybe 23 years - but 10 years seems to fit well for me). Once you have a vision of the future in mind, set milestones - what mini steps need to be achieved in between in order for you to reach your goals? Each one of these milestones will lead to your larger goal. Now that we have a clear image of where we are going with checkpoints in place - ask yourself how do I get there?

Sometimes those answers do not come right away, they take a bit of trial and error to get started on the right path. It's the getting started part that is truly important. No matter how small the action is - getting started is important.

EXAMPLE TIME 💃: I am drawing from a career-related example, say your long-term goal is to excel in an executive marketing role at a global company. Breaking this down into shorter-term checkpoints your career path could look as follows:

Entry-level marketing position (Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator, Etc.)

Build Niche Marketing Skill Expertise (Social Media, Graphic Design, SEO, Branding)

Mid-level Marketing Position

Executive Marketing Role

With this career path in mind let's narrow even further using a funneling system - you know you want to work in marketing, but marketing takes place in almost every company, is there a specific industry that you like?

Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting

Finance and Insurance

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

For a further list of industries see here

Now that you have picked an industry does what are the top five companies in that industry? Do you want to work locally, or would you not mind relocating? Are there any other organizations that interest you?

After you have narrowed to this point you can take your first steps to find out additional information by conducting informational interviews. Now some of you may know what these are so feel free to skip to the next paragraph but for those that have not conducted an information interview let me explain. Basically, an informational interview is a conversation with someone currently in or previously in a role that you are looking to get into. Perhaps you do not know anyone that is in marketing well that okay because that is where LinkedIn comes in. Here at BLC, we are strong supporters of LinkedIn. What's great on LinkedIn is the fact that you can have a conversation with a professional that you may not have before had access to. If you want a more in-depth post about how exactly we would recommend going about this - comment down below.

Anyhow getting back on topic - after you have conducted our information interviews and narrowed down a list of companies that you would like to work for it's time to apply.

If you found any of these tips to be useful – you might be the right fit for our next cohort of students in our program. To learn more about our Career Accelerator Beta program send us an email to with the subject line “I am ready to level up in my career” Looking forward to hearing from you 😉

Sending you love, positivity, and support

From Annie & Sav 💜

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