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How to Advance Your Career During COVID-19 | Workshop Recap

At this point in the pandemic, we’ve all heard a lot of rumours about the job market such as how we’re entering a recession or no one is hiring right now. It’s perfectly normal to be overwhelmed or unmotivated when it seems like your career and future plans have been put to a halt. 

That’s why we hosted our free workshop in collaboration with FLIK to re-energize our #BossLadies and motivate each other within our community. If you missed our workshop or simply want a refresh of key takeaways to advance your career during COVID-19, this post is for you.

Here are four myths that we debunked:

1. No company is hiring during this pandemic. This is false. Entering the job market at this time may seem intimidating, however many companies are still hiring. Companies are searching for talented individuals to help them through this tough time. There are many more opportunities to support companies learning to navigate the digital ecosystem. Geographical limitations are fewer meaning it is possible to secure positions you may not have otherwise been able to physically access.

2. If I send more applications, there’ll be a greater chance of getting an interview. This is simply not true. Focus on writing a quality cover letter for each application you apply for, as most hiring managers can immediately tell if you are submitting a generic application. You want to showcase your talent and passion? Put in the work to find positions you are genuinely interested in. Quality over quantity, always. A great framework to use to narrow down your focus is presented in our slides. This helps you funnel your passions, values, and goals into a specific role. Narrowing down the job that you are applying for makes the job application process much easier on you.

3. Submitting an application is enough to make it. While this is enough to get your foot in the door, it’s not enough to stand out when other applicants are more competitive and leveraging their networks. Understand your “why” factor, such as your skills/strengths, values and goals to tell your story and connect the dots for how you will make an immediate impact on the company. Read our Instagram post on how to build an authentic network.

4. Careers are a linear path with no change at all. Oh honey, ladders are linear but careers are not. What you like now may change in the future. There are no limitations to what you can accomplish; which is why it's okay to not have everything figured out. If your job does not meet your criteria, there are plenty of other opportunities out there such as volunteering, having a side hustle or passion project.  

If you want access to even more tips, we uploaded our slides and a live recording to YouTube.

We are working in a time when new, creative ideas are highly encouraged and people are looking for ways to innovate both their personal and professional lives. The future of work is evolving, all across the world, so now is your chance to change the pace of your career and find something that resonates with you.

Check out our brand to secure an outfit for your next interview or coffee chat, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay connected with more career-related tips in your feed.

Good luck!

Yours truly,

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