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How to Stay Motivated During COVID-19 Quarantine

Hi Boss Lady

Welcome back to Boss Lady Collective! 

For those that do not know, Boss Lady Collective is based out of Vancouver, Canada. Recently we have found ourselves going through some major changes, as many countries are, with COVID 19. In light of our new policy of physical distancing, we have had a lot of extra time on our hands. Now, this may seem great, but trust me it gets boring after day 2. This post discusses some ideas and advice on how to stay busy, productive and social during these mildly crazy times - what will happen to the world😱? Now we may be exaggerating just a bit, but in case make sure to spread some goodwill. 

Now, have you hit that point where you have watched all the shows on Netflix? Mind is blown that our daily life looks like the movie Contagion produced in 2011. Well now that we have gotten over that shock, let's get to work on that lifestyle change. You want that Boss Life, well now is the time to put in that work. 

First piece of advice - “Get out of your mind and into your life.” - Gary John Bishop We have heard way too many people saying “I wish I could …” Well guess what you can and now is a great time to start! Except for traveling - that is off the list for the time being.  Starting an online business, reading a revolutionary book, going on a virtual date are some things that can be done now.

Second piece of advice - “Focus on progress, not perfection. ” Girl we both know that getting something right on the first thing is like  - it rarely happens. Don’t let the fear of not getting it right, prevent you from trying. 

Third piece of advice - Take time to celebrate the small victories! All productivity all the time is not the solution to anyone's problems. Take time to phone a friend, video call family or take a moment for yourself. Feed your soul so that you can put that amazing energy back into your work! This is a lesson we learned from Dr. Lili Liang, one of our Boss Ladies.

Below are some of our goals for the extra time we have:

  1. Stay Active - we heard from one of our Boss Ladies,  Sarah Jessica Taylor how transformative physical fitness can be to mental health. Take the time to be active in your own way; whether that be via home yoga, taking an online fitness class or going for a run.
  2. Take an online class - now is a great time to pick up a new skill! Currently, our team is taking the Email Marketing class by Hubspot. What skills have you always wanted to learn? No matter what the skill is, we bet there is an online class for it!
  3. Growing our Boss Lady Community - now you can implement a version of this by becoming active online with your community. Now that we are physically apart it seems that keeping in touch online is the best we can do. Our team uses google hangouts to catch up, what online tools have you used?

Thank you for reading; we hope that you are feeling inspired to get some work done💪🏻. Let us know what you are with this sudden extra time in the comments below.

Until next time, stay fabulous! ❤️


Annie & Sav 

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