Top 7 Ways to Stand Out in an Interview

What sets you apart is what makes you great. Being memorable in a job interview and forming genuine connections is how you're going to secure that dream job or summer internship!

We've narrowed it down to 7 ways to stand out in an interview. Do one or all of them, it's up to you! Certainly these are not the only ways to stand out, and sometimes you can even be memorable for the wrong reasons but we think these methods are near foolproof.

1. Wear a killer (but still professional) outfit!

    Let your personality shine through and use your outfit as a visual cue that you're a standout candidate. Making a memorable first impression while still being professional and your true self is exactly what Boss Lady Collective is here for! If you shop any piece in our collection, you’re guaranteed to not only stand out but still be workplace appropriate. We recommend the Etemad Blouse as the building block of any professional wardrobe, but if you’re already set for basics then shop the Confindente Dress for a statement.

    2. Be kind and respectful to everyone you interact with during the interview process. 

    Every impression in the hiring process matters, you never know who has an influence on the decision! Whether it’s the administrative assistant helping you schedule your interview or the office staff who greet you when you arrive, treat everyone you come in contact with as if they’ll be evaluating you for the position too.

    3. Arrive early to compose yourself before the interview. 

    Even if it's an online interview, you'll want to be a bit early in case any technical difficulties come up. You’ll feel more prepared and as a result calm some nerves that may come up!

    4. Relate relevant experiences to show how it will make you excel in the position or company. 

    Show that you are focused and know what details matter by relating your answers back to the position. How does your position at X make you an excellent candidate for this position? How can you channel the skills from previous experiences into this new role? Remember, the employer wants to hear your story so connect the dots for them! The reason why they chose you is because they already like what they saw on your resume or application, so use this opportunity to bring that to life.

    5. Incorporate the company’s values into your answers.

    This shows you've done your research and care about the company, demonstrating you will be an excellent culture fit. If you have specific examples you can draw from, use them. As much as an interview is for your employer to find out about you, it’s also an opportunity for you to see if they’re a good fit for you! Not every company is going to be one where your goals and values are aligned with theirs, so try to do your research ahead of time to figure out what the company is all about.

    6. Ask unexpected questions.

    At the end of every interview, you'll be given a chance to ask some questions. Think of some that extend beyond superficial aspects of the job. Ask about specific projects or goals. A great question to ask is, “Is there any part of my experiences that make you question whether I am a good candidate?” This puts the interviewer on the spot and gives you one last opportunity to sell yourself.

    7. Send a thoughtful thank you note post-interview.

    You'll most likely be one of few who do, and that will make you memorable. Use specific aspects of the interview when possible and thank them for the opportunity. If the employer is interviewing a handful of people, this will help you make a deeper impression amongst a competitive pool of candidates.


    That’s it! With these 7 tips you’re ready to ace any interview that comes your way. If you liked these tips, subscribe to our mailing list to have more career and fashion related content delivered straight to your inbox or follow us on Instagram!

    Note: this blog post is a modified and condensed version of 11 Unusual Ways to Stand Out in a Job Interview.

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